Enviu-ers selected as most sustainable young frontrunners in the Netherlands

We are very proud to announce that Enviu’s very own Rubie and Prasanna are two of the most sustainable young frontrunners in the Netherlands!

The 100 most sustainable young frontrunners in the Netherlands

The Sustainable Young 100 (De Duurzame Jonge 100). A list of the 100 most sustainable young frontrunners in the Netherlands. It gives an overview of young professionals, entrepreneurs and academics who prove that a sustainable future is possible. They inspire each other, and society.

And Rubie and Prasanna, both Enviu colleagues, are on this list.

“It brings youngsters together that share the same ambition, that have the same dream. To build a sustainable future and put this into practice,” explains Rubie. “I feel proud that we already have so many youngsters in the Netherlands working on this topic.”

A stage to share Enviu’s vision

Rubie and Prasanna will be asked throughout the year to exchange their ideas on how to create a sustainable future, for purposes like policy making.

The Sustainable Young 100 is not a ranking. They believe in working together, and the need for involving young talent. Nominees have to be under the age of 32.

Being on this list gives Enviu the opportunity to share our projects and vision. We believe social entrepreneurship plays an important role in a transition towards a sustainable and inclusive economy. And being on the list also opens doors to new and exciting relationships!

“I am looking forward to get inspired, challenged and move forward!” Rubie announces.

Check out Rubie and Prasanna’s profile on the website of The Sustainable Young 100.