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Enviu’s social ventures offer a range of impact investment opportunities to financiers open for social innovation. Since 2004, we give long term commitment to addressing social and environmental issues. As founder and shareholder of social ventures, Enviu remains an active stakeholders for the long run. Every year, we add new social ventures to our portfolio and seek investment to grow and scale our ventures.

Continuous flow of impact investment opportunities

Enviu’s business concepts are the result of a 1-3 year innovation proces. Only the most promising ones are launched. Consequently, we aim for the highest impact per dollar invested. Our pipeline of new ventures offers a continuous flow of solid impact investment opportunities.

Investment Opportunities

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Impact Investment Fund

In 2017 Enviu bundled its portfolio to create an impact investment fund. This unique impact investment holding company co-invests in Enviu’s portfolio companies and sources impact investment opportunities worldwide. For this reason, Enviu’s impact investment fund is the first investment fund which solely invests in social ventures.

Above all, the fund was admitted to the Social Stock Exchange. Due to this admission, our impact investment holding company is now a listed vehicle. By the time the fund will be launched in Q1 2018, the fund allows both private and institutional investors to take stake in this fund.